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For fucks sake, I was gonna try to open up my monitor and check for leaking caps, but I cannot even get it off the wall without the help of a second person. Well, technically I could, but probably not in one piece cause I can either hold it or unscrew it, not both at the same time.

Still have a few issues with xwayland though. okular context menus don't work, but okular is the easiest way to black out text from pdfs prior to printing. If anyone knows a good alternative, i'd love to know. Even better if it can actually remove the text beneath instead of just covering it with black highlighter. As of now if I need a redacted document as pdf I convert it to png and then create a new pdf from the pngs.

Really sucks that sway doesn't support separate workspaces for each output, cause building it myself with patches and rebasing it on every release is kind of a hassle. Other than that it's a great compositor and the advantages outweigh the few things I'll have to get accustomed to by far.

Would be cool if pacman was smart enough to upgrade archlinux-keyring first, instead of failing to do anything because of untrusted packages.

My homeserver has 392 days of uptime. 4 weeks until it's nice days.

I hate websites with links where middle click to open in a new tab doesn't work because of javascript fuckery or something.

Haven't played MapleStory since v80 or something. But holy shit, the game is 22GiBs now? How? It's just some 2D sprites.

I was watching a TV show and this guy in the show had to go to the hospital. I expected him to get charged an exorbitant amount of money, but then I realized I am watching a canadian show, not an american one.

A bi-monthly subscription for magnets? Why is that the default choice, amazon? Who needs a magnet subscription?

Helix seems like a pretty cool editor. I'd like to try it, but usually after running the tutorial and using it for one day I accidentally go back to using vi the next time I want to edit a file. When I think "I want to edit this file" my mind goes right to typing `vi $filenname`

Cool, I already got the update to Android 13. Now I just need BLE Audio headphones.

I didn't miss having to replug the mDP cable every time I turn on my computer to make the left monitor work though.

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Gotta say, after a week of only using my smartphone, three times 25 inches of screen feels like a lot more than it did before.

After 13 and a half hours of train rides I am finally back home.

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