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Even if I manage to study, I am procrastinating by doing different exercises than I am supposed to do, so now after studying for an hour I still have to do the exercises I was supposed to do.

Learning Japanese is becoming more difficult, mostly cause I am starting to forget stuff from earlier lessons.

Ah, yes, another very convincing scam. Nothing implausible to see here. Didn't even bother to think of a fake reason as to why I was chosen to receive the money or why he can't just take it for himself.

> Watching Trash Taste Stream #17
> "What does AM and PM stand for?"
Holy shit why do I not know that? My best guess: At Morning/Past Morning, but that's probably wrong.

Cannot find new ear cushions for my headphones, I thought that would be the easiest part, but they have some weird mechanism to attach them.

Oops, I accidentally downloaded a movie in 4K HEVC instead of 1080p. 4K would have been fine, 1080p HEVC would have been fine, too, but 4K HEVC at 20mbit/s apparently is a little too much. It's dropping frames in in scenes with too much movement. Guess I have to watch another movie.

I really don't know where to put a microphone arm, I have three screens and I feel it would be in the way no matter where I put it.

But I guess it's fine, as I do not need all that storage immediately, hope these additional 6.36TiB will last at least a year.

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btrfs balance is taking very long, after 30 hours I have just 1.75TiB of 6.36TiB free storage available. So It'll take like three more days.

Final result, ziptied a loop as strain relief so it doesn't break should I accidentally pull on it. I know it sucks, but that's the best I can do with what I have.

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100% sure, that I own electrical tape, but I don't know where it is.

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Fuck, I broke off the gas tank door while refueling at the gas station.

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