Some KDramas are pretty good tbh.

@Horizon have you seen Children Of Nobody?? it's my favorite

@yawvixx nah i haven't. Only started watching them recently.

So far I've just been watching the ones on Netflix because my parents were watching them and it seemed pretty good.

@Horizon ooh, I dont really watch kdramas but theres 2 that I really like on netflix, Tunnel and The Untamed

@yawvixx niceee. I'll defs add them to my list. One that i really enjoyed was "Crash landing on you"

Really enjoyed that one for some reason. Soundtrack was good as well imo.

@Horizon oooh I dont really know this one but one of my favorite singers covered a song from the soundtrack

@yawvixx oh sick! link me if you can please!

Honestly love the soundtrack, its really calming and is great to listen to when i'm driving around at night.

@yawvixx Thanks! Had a listen to it and it sounds as good if not even better than the original! Cheers for linking.

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