I just asked whether my ONLINE final exam was open book or nah.

It was an open book test but i just realised its not like they could've checked anyways. Just breaking academic integrity would've been all. :blobderpy:

Designing CSGO maps is harder than it looks when trying to take into account gameplay, timings and layout.

Legit flying through iterations because layout looks similar to others or the gameplay will be shit (Snipers shooting long ranges)

Saw a clip of the movie 2012 come up on YouTube just before.

Lemme just say real quick that my parents said to me when i first watched it as a kid that it was fucking real.

These mofos scared the fucking shit out of me because i legit didn't know movies were mostly fictitious. and i was dreading about that doomsday in 2012 until they told me it wasn't real

Living in a "Good neighbourhood" is shit because i cant throw parties without neighbours giving a shit.

All my mates ask me "Gatho at yours when?" and i say i cant because neighbours will legit call the cops and complain about noise

Cant wait for Ion propulsion to take off in the future.

The other night whilst driving i saw some kids in white hazmat suits dancing on the sidewalk.

pretty sure they were making a tiktok and it was pretty cringe.

Driving fast at night is such a relaxing experience tbh.

Lowest mark for me in uni so far has been 80%.

Im feeling pretty good about myself

What the fuck.

For my semester 2 timetable, I have a lecture and tutorial from 4pm to 8pm

Mentor just casually sending me an email at 12:11am. Sick.

No fucking way is there a new pokemon mystery dungeon for switch. Holy fuck must buy

Bruh no wonder guys always keep to themselves. I legit just tried opening up and saying what i admired about my dad and my mum legit just told me to shut the fuck up.

Holy shit i just realised how lucky my parents car is.

Its been in almost 5 accidents where it could've been fucking totalled because of idiot drivers.

Bruh they dont even sell E10 at servos in perth wtf.

Bruh i swear Perth drivers have big balls like @dean. :blobeyes:

On the main road to my uni they do like 20-40km/h over the speed limit.

The speed limit is 80km/h.

Why are Perth drivers so fucking shit at driving. Everyone is like a BMW driver here. No fucking indicators and they just pull out of T junctions as if they know no-one is there.

i swear to god im gonna murder the person in my house that keeps switching all my fucking smart lights off. IT TURNS OFF WITH MY VOICE STOP TURNING IT OFF MANUALLY

Some asshole today got pissed that i passed him in the fast lane (80 zone, he was doing 70, i was doing 83) so they sped up and brake checked me in my lane before turning off

Chemists are really sold out of condoms because some idiot said to buy them to wear on your fingers to prevent contracting the corona virus.

Now even more niggas are gonna get aids and because of that.

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