I like when Motorcyclists give a little wave as appreciation for you moving over for them to pass you.

There's some cosplayers dancing it up in Perth city.

Very epic.

My friend killed me and took all my good shit on Minecraft so i'm switching to Fortnite and playing with his younger brother instead.

Man i dont get the good cards in Clash Royale that literally everyone else gets. This is absolute shite.

Holy Heck. I was listening to Frank Ocean's song: "White"

It has a faint woman talking sound or something on the left side and i thought it was my mum shouting in the kitchen (Currently 11:17pm)

Last Tuesday during my private study period. I went to hang out with another teacher since his class is nice is quiet.

Whilst staying there, me and my mates found out that he's a fan of Lil Dicky lmao.

Never have i had so much fun talking to strangers on Rocket League.

Just met two guys in casual who were really talkative and had some really great conversations with them.

We didn't even properly play for 7 games as we were just casually chatting about shit. Love this kind of stuff whilst playing games.

Pretty sure i just turned into the person in my family that speeds the most.

Downshifts whilst driving home from school yesterday were on point.

Always hitting the right revs for the previous gears.

Feeling really sorry for my dog.

Hes really old, has a heart problem and now hes peacefully sleeping on my bed but breathing really heavily.

Really feel like doing all unconscious actions is hard for him.

So, at my school we have a dedicated parking lot for students and we love to do donuts there. (Grassy area)

My friend was recently the reason why there's a ton there and he had an after school detention today.

The assistant head of senior school was watching over him and then asked him with pictures, if he knew who did the donuts in the parking lot and he was trying so hard not to shit himself laughing whilst saying "I have no clue" to him.

Got bird shit on my car's hood the day after i washed the whole bloody thing. FML

In my dream, i always keep running for some reason and i think its because my brain yearns to run again but cant because knee is fucked.

Porsche doesn't list 911 Turbo models on the Australian website anymore, wtf.

Those models are godly at acceleration.

I swear there's like cat drug dealers. my cat comes in most nights high af and always so needy and scratching shit.

I feel like over the course of 3 years, i've gone from being a introvert to someone who actually socialises a lot.

Had a long great chat with my physio in our session this evening and a friendly chat with the ladies at my local petrol station afterwards.

I can imagine that if i were in the same situations a year ago, i would've kept to just small talk and barely say anything.

Finally completed the Witcher 3 and i got the best fucking ending.

Feels good man.

Man i play csgo better when im drunk than when im sober wtf.

My school has a dedicated parking lot for students who drive to school but, we have to 'register our cars' by filling out some form and we get a sticker.

Today they actually decided to check who registered their cars in the parking lot. Basically, over half of the cars in the parking lot got a lovely letter from the assistant head of senior school.

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