If you think that smearing soy sauce on your balls would actually allow you to taste it... You're fucking retarded.

Might as well kill myself right now.

Worlds fucked at this point.

Twirl is a better version of Flake. Change my mind.

Apparently i joined Dan Murphy's when i was 14/15

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What kind of sick person uses non-recessed screws for this?

Shoulder blades sore af after intense session of go-karting.

These AirPods Pro are really fucking with me.

The noise cancellation is fucking with my senses. I can always hear my fan (its loud) with my other headphones and i cant now but i can still feel my fan blowing.

Senses confused

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Hi guys
Hi guys

Apparently i don't pick up on hints that girls give me.

Honestly, its because i think that everyone's just being friendly and i just dismiss it.

Looking at the prototype for the Aston Martin DBX and it still looks fucking incredible. Even without some of the features interior features that its supposed to have.

If its refined so that its has all its features and interior features, this car could shoot Bently, Lamborghini and Porsche out the fucking Sport SUV club.

Honestly would love to buy the new 2020 Aston Martin DBX. That thing is fucking luxurious.

The tuning of the exhaust, the engine, the interior, the exterior... It all looks fucking amazing.

Plus Aston Martin actually took 6 months listening to feedback from customers on what they want to see in a car and they're starting to finally include all the latest and newest technologies for cars (auto cruise control, other shit like that.)

Went to a mates house to give him a drawing pad and it looked so fucken sketchy when handing it to him.

Looked like a drug deal on some side road.

Holy fuck i love The Witcher on netflix. Its soooo fucking good.

I find it so sweet that the boys are wanting me to be careful as they dont want to see me get used by girls.

Homies really be looking out for me. <3

I've been texting this one girl so much that the keyboard is burned on my screen.

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This girl i'm talking to is legit so hurt from relationships. I just want to give her a huge hug and tell her everything is alright.

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