"why this won't boot!"
- me, after flashing sd card with compressed image

text too small on firefox in high Dpi screen? Add about:reader?url= in front of the url. Boom! Welcome to reader mode and potentially bypass the monthly limit of some news sites.

My sony z5p is alive again with new battery! Using duck tape to prevent back lid from popping out.

My latest MR:
62 files
+ 2094
- 867

Must be a pain to review.

Wow, Nena and Kim Wilde has co-op an album. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

I had had two C++ classes, AlarmModel and TimerModel. Then I realised the pair has something in common.

Now I have three C++ classes, the third one is Utilities to deal with common settings etc. Could have been four classes, i.e. AbstractTimeTrackingModel. But thankfully I'm lazy.

Want to make my thinkpad T61 motherboard run again. But I only have its motherboard and screen, keyboard. Lacks motivation.

managed to disassemble my phone's battery, let's see if I can swap a new one. Maybe I can save this phone.

My phone's battery inflated and pop the back lid out. Keep it or not?

If means remote audio support and screencasting for wayland, then I'll ditch xorg on my desktop as well.

Migrated from another instance, contribute mainly to KDE. I like indie games, metal music and classic films(prior to 80s).


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