This week's post is about the Linux Application salon in Changsha held this week.

Me forgetting how to insert picture in LaTex: Searching "latex pic"

Git roulette: You have over 100 MRs, when you click merge, system will randomly merge one of them.

Shipping a bug to production. Found the bug myself two weeks later, received no on call in between. I guess it's a win.

My solution of doing operation on one cell of a vector with one thread is to first use chunks_mut to construct a new vector of mutable references of old vector's cells. Then I pop the new vector in the scoped threading pool to get the references to the data. I'd like to know if there are more elegant ways.

I found out that doing operation on different vectors on each thread and combine them later is twice faster than one vector with mutex. But the former is awkward to implement on Rust. At least for me.

Hey, we require OpenSSL because we use its big num library.

Wasn't that exactly what GMP is for?

But it says I need at least 64 GB of memory and converting all the data to PostgreSQL would cost 7-8days on hard disks.

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New idea: Downloading OSM data and reverse indexing it, so I can implement a location auto-completion system on it.

Object-Oriented Programming is no longer trending now.

So remember when I wrote about my first #photo with the #pinephone? Yeah here's more from our trip to the Wallis (CH): (All made with my pinephone, with the Megapixels app)

Why numbers in ipv4's string representation are decimal, while ipv6's are hexadecimal?

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