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Bash is the best text adventure game, change my mind.

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I want to trade about 60m³ of hot air (~29°C) for equivalent amount of cold air (~18°C). Contact me for details.

Ironic. They could protect others from downtime, but not themselves.

Yeah CF seems to be having issues.

I had Country Roads stuck in my head for the entire day.

One of my containers generated 33 GiB of error logs. I am not sure whether I should be annoyed or impressed.

First world problem: I can never find the 2FA keys in the application I use, the list is too damn long.

You ever build a REST client and forget to make it actually build HTTP requests?

Yeah, me neither. Totally.

I fixed a segfault and I have no idea how.

I love it when shit works in a VM but not in a container.

As a note to previous, I am migrating my Docker images from Debian to Alpine cause that means going from 400 MiB base image to 6MiB base image. The added bonus is that you aren't running all sorts of garbage on top of your services.

glibc alone is larger than basic Alpine Linux container image.

I sent my previous motherboard for RMA through the store I bought it at. After it returned it was not fixed. I sent it back and asked for a refund. The store told me no, citing the repairs done by manufacturer, stating they were trivial. So they sent it for repairs to manufacturer again. It returned. I asked for the summary of repairs. The store told me no, because they don't have such information.

If you're gonna be shit, at least be consistent.

Building a Firefox that has minimal or no privacy leaks is difficult. In some cases they've actually made privacy-leaking components part of the damn browser.

I tried to read a raw partition to a named pipe.

Don't ask.

CPU for my server: 45 PLN
Cooling for said CPU: 100 PLN

I can buy two CPUs for the price of cooling for one 🤔

I just love it when I'm doing something on my laptop at 04:30, when suddenly, a background browser window starts playing a video which sounds like a dying hard drive. It's a mixture of confusion and fear that I dislike very much.

So first there was no power for several hours, then for whatever reason my pihole decided to refuse to DNS until I disabled DNSSEC, what next?

I found my stylus, so now I have a way of using my phone with gloves on.

Now my phone just needs to stop dying in cold randomly. That would be great.

"Emzi do a thing"
"Sure, $50 and consider it done"

The madman actually did it.

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