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I want to trade about 60m³ of hot air (~29°C) for equivalent amount of cold air (~18°C). Contact me for details.

I'm never buying Gigabyte hardware again. I bought an X370 motherboard from them. I paid a huge premium for the product. The motherboard died same day. After RMA all was well. Ish. And now, year later, it died again. And it was one of several Gigabyte AM4 boards that I bought for either myself or others, and yet another one that died.

That makes a list of MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte insofar as manufacturers I won't buy motherboards from again.

Hello again, ASRock.

Kotlin generates bytecode so disgusting, it barely decompiles.

Java developers are the kind of people to use 3 different path separators in a single path, despite Java supporting platform-specific ones.

"Try Kotlin" they said. "You'll never want to touch Java again" they said.

Kotlin is so amazingly garbage, I die inside every time I have to touch it. I don't understand how someone was able to puke so much crap and make it an actual programming language. Not only that, but tooling is also broken as hell. I'll just write everything I need to run on JVM in Java, thank you very much. I don't want to touch Kotlin ever again.

So combining that with upcoming changes to .NET Core 3.0, .NET developers are in for some treats.

And on top of that, WinUI component of Universal Windows Platform (UWP, the Windows 10 platform) were open-sourced alongside that.

It looks like the repositories don't yet contain everything, but it's being added.

Hell just froze over the second time. And third as well.

Microsoft open-sourced components of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) under permissive licenses. While it's unlikely these can be used as a basis for xplat ports (though I reckon some poor souls might try to port WPF to GNU/Linux and/or Mono), this is not a thing I have expected to see in my lifespan.

So yeah.

So I had a chance to drive on completely frozen roads (it was around 2-3°C during day, and it was raining, then during the night it was about -6°C and it all froze over). Every turn, the car starts sliding around, it's really nerve-racking.

I'd like a "me only" option for toot privacy please.

Hell can't freeze over twice.


So a cat that looks somewhat similar to mine (though not enough for me to confuse him) was found in the area, said to be just as friendly as mine. Curious to see if the owner turns up.

So even though my country does not celebrate thanksgiving (like most countries out there), it seems we observe black friday, although typically in form of a "black week(end)" fashion, where sales last the entire corresponding period of time.

I don't really get much out of that tho - most of the stuff on sale is not what I am looking for.

Driving around I couldn't help but notice that DRIVERS DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT RULES ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/soul bs=16M conv=notrunc status=progress

So my phone (Huawei P10 Lite) requires a power cycle every time you touch anything Bluetooth.

Fallout 76 once again proves Bethesda can't into MMOs.

I opened my phone's notifications this morning and found only disappointment.

A group of 2 or more humans is called pleasedonttalktomepleasedonttalktome.

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